This usually happens when the car senses the driver slams hard on the brakes, which wasn't the case here.

It’s safe to say Genesis is quite late to the SUV party as Hyundai’s luxury division kicked things off with a trio of sedans before switching focus to high-riding vehicles. Leading the way will be the GV80 seen here undergoing final testing at the Nürburgring while carrying what looks to be the full production body as well as the headlights and taillights.

Speaking of which, the lights on this heavily disguised prototype kept flashing for whatever reason, with the ones at the back “blinking” at a quicker rate than the front turn signals. This usually happens when the vehicle senses the driver slams hard on the brakes to avoid imminent danger or when the emergency braking system automatically kicks in, but obviously that wasn’t the case here.

Genesis GV80 Plug-in Fuel Cell Concept
2017 Genesis GV80 concept
Genesis GV80
2021 Genesis GV80 prototype

We do see prototypes at the Green Hell braking hard from time to time and triggering these lights, but that only happens when the vehicle is about to enter a corner and the driver realizes the vehicle’s speed is too high. It’s hard to tell whether this GV80 was suffering from an electrical glitch or some sort of software bug, but it goes without saying Genesis will iron out all the issues before hitting the start button on production. After all, that’s why testing is done – to work out the kinks.

The flashing lights at the front and rear give us a better opportunity to check out the SUV’s light pattern, with the wide third brake light mounted up high stretching from one corner of the roof-mounted spoiler to the other. The two-tier headlights and taillights are quite similar to what the namesake concept from 2017 had, so no real surprises here.

Genesis GV80 Concept
2017 Genesis GV80 concept
Genesis GV80 Spy Photos
2021 Genesis GV80 prototype

Since we mentioned the concept, that one had pop-out door handles and side cameras instead of mirrors, but as you can see on this prototype, the production-ready GV80 will feature regular handles and traditional mirrors. The SUV you’ll be able to buy soon won’t look as flashy as the concept before it, but maybe it’s for the best.

Expect to see the GV80 in the weeks or months to come since the South Korean brand has been working on its first SUV for quite a while and it should be ready pretty soon. A smaller GV70 we’ve already captured on camera will follow.

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