For those who think a normal Range Rover Sport does not impress onlookers enough, HAMANN now offers his modified version „Conqueror“.

Conquers the road by storm

Where the factory Range Rover Sport is impressive, the Hamann tuned Range Rover Sport Conqueror is simply awe inspiring. Hamann has taken the liberty to add a wide-body kit to the car together with a few more optic enhancements like a new front and rear facia as well as a roof spoiler. But Hamann does not just touch the outside, under the hood they make sure that the Conqueror can add the walk to the talk. With an initial ECU reprogramming, the diesel V6 generates 225bhp and the 4.4 liter V8 reaches 323bhp. But the range topper achieves an astounding 475bhp at 5740 rpm coupled with 610 Nm at 3500 rpm maximum torque. Add a 4-pipe sports rear muffler and 90mm stainless steel tailpipes and two inside-vented 380x34mm disc brakes into the mix, together with arch-filling 23-inch multi-pieced Edition Race rims wrapped in 315/25R23 rubber, and you are ready to impress the neighbours!

Gallery: Hamann Range Rover Sport Conqueror