The small package offers a little bit of everything.

We feature all kinds of cool motorhomes and recreational vehicles in the digital halls of We love camping, overlanding, vanlife, you name it. We also love tailgating, and we know there are plenty of folks who love taking the camper to the stadium for some in-depth home-away-from-home partying. That’s why this particular creation from a company called Tentrax caught our attention, because it’s not a big camper. In fact, it’s not a camper at all.


It’s called the Tentrax Tailgater, and it’s basically an all-in-one party built into a tiny towable package. The small single-axle trailer rides on full-size tires and is made of fiberglass so it shouldn’t be a problem for pretty much anything to tow. As the Facebook post explains, it contains a large cooler with a drain, not to mention an integrated tap to quickly access your favorite tailgating beverage. When you get hungry, a pull-out kitchen with a sink, small refrigerator, and workspace is available as well.

The cool Tailgaiter is also equipped with electrical power and offers a mount for a flat-screen TV under the trailer’s folding lid. The mount can accommodate a screen up to 65 inches, and to make sure everyone can hear what's happening, a sound system is also built into the trick trailer. Judging from what we see in the photos, about the only thing missing is a couch to kick back on.

Tentrax offers a modest line of small trailers for both camping and cargo, and a quick look at the company’s website suggests they have a particular fondness for overlanding. As such, this new Tailgater appears to be based on current designs and is slated for a launch sometime in 2020. As for price, nothing is mentioned at this point but the company’s cargo hauler – the least expensive trailer Tentrax offers – lists online for $3,995.

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