The custom van scene was a huge force in the automotive hobby in the 1970s and has had a recent resurgence. This 1973 Dodge Sportsman would let its new owner enjoy the style of vintage vans but a recent restoration means you don't need to worry about stinky shag carpeting. The van is for sale in Johnston, Rhode Island, on Facebook Marketplace for $23,000.

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The exterior of the van is wild. The upper half is a sandy orange color, and the lower section is white. Stripes separate the shades, including one that had a gold paisley pattern that runs nearly the vehicle's entire length. Strips of burnt orange and purple add even more shades to the palette. 

A hood scoop isn't something you see on most vans, but this one has it for good reason. The original 5.9-liter (360-cubic-inch) V8 is gone, but there's now a rebuilt 7.2-liter (440-cubic-inch) V8 motivating this big van. According to the seller, the mill came out of a "1968 Dodge Charger owned and built by Drag Racing Hall of Fame member Bob Chipper."

The interior has a retro-modern 1970s aesthetic. The woof floor and cabinets, in addition to the pastel colors in the Southwest-style upholstery, creates a color palette straight out of the disco decade. Look up to find that the shag carpeting covers the roof, and this high-pile upholstery is also in the driver's footwell.

For better usability, there's a full kitchenette inside the van. It includes a refrigerator, sink, and gas cooktop. There's also lots of storage from the cabinets.

With a fresh restoration complete, this van looks ready to hit the road again. Its visually arresting exterior would be hard to miss on the highway.

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