We know what you’re thinking. That’s because we thought it too, as soon as we saw the thumbnail image for this new Carwow video. There’s no possible way a Jeep Wrangler is going to hang with a Ford F-150 Raptor in a straight-line drag race, be in on or off road. Actually – and we never thought we’d say this about a Wrangler – sticking to pavement helps the Jeep in this situation, as the Raptor is a straight-up pro and going fast off-road.

Also helping the Jeep is its stripped-down configuration. This yellow Unlimited Rubicon is missing its doors, top, and spare tire, whereas the beefy Raptor isn’t missing a damn thing. Stock versus stock, the Ford is approximately 1,000 pounds heavier than the Wrangler, and that’s before it sheds its body panels. That’s a big difference, and though the Jeep is well down on horsepower – 270 from its turbocharged four-cylinder versus 450 twin-turbo horses from the Raptor’s V6 – the lack of weight could well make up for the power loss. Suddenly, this drag race doesn’t seem so lopsided after all. However, there’s a bit more to it than that.

Gallery: Jeep Wrangler Vs Ford Raptor Drag Race

If you’ve seen the video or perused our screenshot gallery above, you’ll notice the F-150 carries the moniker Monster Raptor. It’s actually a tuned version from a UK-based company called Sutton, which among other things bumps the Raptor’s EcoBoost engine to 520 hp. If it sounds like an unfair fight, well, you’re not wrong. But the Wrangler is still considerably lighter in its “modified” form. Could it stand a chance? In a word . . . yes.

The video includes a standing-start quarter-mile drag race, a rolling drag race, and a braking test. Folks, you might think the 520-hp Raptor is a sure thing against the 270-hp Jeep, but in the real world, we’re flat-out gobsmacked at just how close these vehicles are in performance. That is, at lower speeds anyway.

Jump into the video to see the final outcome of this David-versus-Goliath showdown.

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