Who needs all that rear-seat space in a Mini anyway?

Minis are known for being small. Yeah, we’re just blowing up the internet with jaw-dropping news like that, but the classic Mini featured here isn’t a typical four-seater runabout. For starter, it’s a two-seater, and not just because someone yanked out the back seat. The entire back half of the car is gone, and the result is what you see here – the appropriately named Mini Ha Ha.

Barcroft Cars on YouTube has the story of this exceedingly small car. It was created back in 1983 by renowned custom car designer Andy Saunders when he was just a bored 19-year-old college student, and as you can clearly see, it has no middle. The car was cut in half, with the back portion cut up into a couple of sections and finally reconnected. The rear hatch was welded solid since there wasn’t any space behind the front seats to access, and of course it was given a wacky paint job. Word is that this super-deformed Mini with its tiny wheelbase and front-wheel drive can do reverse wheelies, which sounds hilarious and terrifying at the same time.

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That’s not the end of this mini-Mini story, however. After Saunders had his fun, the car was sold to a UK museum that apparently didn’t enjoy the greatest of success. The museum changed hands numerous times, and in the process, the Mini Ha Ha fell into a sad state. It finally came to the ownership of restorer Andy Shaw, and while the body was still decent, it was missing pretty much everything else including the glass, interior, and engine.

Shaw spared no expensive in returning the oddball creation to its former glory, and by that we mean he has absolutely no idea how much he invested into the Mini Ha Ha. According to the video, he just wanted to restore the car over time and didn’t keep track of what was spent. Judging by the happy faces we see from pretty much everyone in this video who encounters the half-car, we’d say the cost was worth it.

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