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Commuters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, had a rough morning on October 28 when the rear of a city bus collapsed into a sinkhole. The front of a Kia also fell into the hole. There were no serious injuries, but cranes were necessary to pull out the and bus. The incident also snarled traffic in the area throughout the day.


KDKA CBS 2 News in Pittsburgh reported that the incident happened around 8:00 AM local time. A water main broke underneath the road and weakened the pavement. When the bus stopped for a red light, the municipal vehicle's substantial weight caused the rear to crash through the street. The incident left the front end hanging high in the air.

“The problem that we’re having is that we have to lift that Port Authority bus straight up, because we have a Duquesne Light electrical vault involved, we have several gas lines involved and we don’t want to create any further problems than what we have now," a spokesperson told KDKA.


Just one rider was on the bus at the time of the crash. Paramedics took this person to a nearby hospital because of complaints of neck soreness. The bus driver didn't incur any injuries.

Two cranes were necessary to lift the bus out of the hole. The necessary road closures might make traffic a mess for the evening's Steelers football game at Heinz Field this evening. The stadium is only a few minutes away from this sinkhole. 

Because the incident involved a water main break, the city's public safety department reported that water service wasn't available to some nearby buildings. The organization also warned about the possibility of electrical outages later in the day.

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