It's not so much the crash. but what the dumb driver does afterward.

Picture it. It’s the wee hours of the morning and you’re at a gas station in the small town of Ortonville, Michigan. Perhaps you had a craving for Kit Kats, or you needed to fill up a gas can in preparation for firing up the leaf blower at the crack of dawn. Point is, you’re the innocent bystander with a front-row seat to the most bizarre vehiclular incident we’ve seen in a long time; at least since we saw police catch a drunk driver hanging upside down from the window of his pickup truck.

The driver of this pickup truck wasn’t caught hanging by his skivvies, but he was caught at home less than 24 hours after going full Mustang with his Ford Ranger. That’s because the driver – identified in a report from ABC12 News as 24-year-old William Edmonds – wasn’t exactly covert after he crashed into this gas station at around 2:30 a.m. last Friday morning. According to the report, Edmonds had stopped into the station for a beer, which he allegedly cracked open and started drinking pretty much right on the spot. Based on what happened next, we’re suspicious this wasn’t his first adult beverage of the night.

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We say that not because he promptly crashed into the gas station after reportedly trying to bust a cool 180 while leaving. That maneuver failed spectacularly, but with his truck firmly entrenched inside the building, Edmonds makes a desperate bid to cover up his crime by – wait for it – yanking the license plate off the truck and running away. Apparently, he forgot it’s 2019 and high-definition cameras are everywhere, especially in 24-hour gas stations located in rural Michigan between Detroit and Flint. If for some reason the video at the top of the article doesn’t play (or just because it’s good fun) you can observe the best part of this clip in our image-compare slider below. Move the slider quick for the best effect.

Truck Gas Station Crash
Truck Gas Station Crash

Nobody was injured in this display of doltishness, and to Edmonds’ credit, he apparently did come clean to officers when he was arrested. The man was ultimately charged with reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident, and he’ll need to submit for drug and alcohol testing twice a week. Things certainly could’ve been worse, but his late-night wreck fest and ill-advised license plate caper will forever live in infamy on the internet.

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