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The Cadillac ATS-V was the brand’s attempt to beat the BMW M3 and establish Cadillac as a leader in the luxury sports sedan market. Although the ATS-V was great to drive it wasn’t able to dethrone the BMW M3/M4 and was quickly forgotten. Well, a Cadillac dealership in Illinois believes that this one of a kind ATS-V convertible will pique your interest in Cadillac’s M3/M4 fighter. 

At some point someone thought, I want to chop the roof off of a $70,000 Cadillac. Sure we all have crazy ideas but this person actually went through with it. Now we’re looking at one of the only convertible Cadillac ATS-V coupes in the world. Today you can own this unique coupe for only $100,000. 

Gallery: Someone Built A Cadillac ATS-V Convertible and Now It's For Sale

Naperville Cadillac, the sellers of this unique vehicle are very clear on pricing. You’re paying $80,000 for the car and an additional $20,000 for the convertible conversion. When you consider all of the incredible vehicles you can purchase for the sum of $100,000 it's quite hard to justify this purchase. But if you want one of the only convertible ATS-V on earth, this is it. 

The convertible conversion was actually completed by a Florida based coachbuilding company called Convertible Builders LLC. The detailed build uses a power top, full functional quarter windows, and chassis reinforcements. This ATS-V wasn’t a simple chop job. It required thoughtful engineering to make it a useable and safe package. 

If you’re looking to own one of the most unique Cadillac ATS-Vs on earth, here it is. This bespoke convertible to the ATS Cadillac never built but maybe they should’ve. There’s something to be said about a great drive in a convertible an experience other ATS-V owners can share. 

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