The Ford Mustang might be the reigning sales champ in the Detroit muscle car scene, but it’s still suffering from a slowing sales market through 2019. That could be the motivation behind a new set of incentives for the pony car, uncovered by the folks at Cars Direct.

According to the report, Ford recently sent a memo to dealers outlining a range of discounts that can total $4,250 depending on the trim level and location. It starts with a $1,000 rebate for pretty much any Mustang, and cars that have been on dealer lots for over 61 days could get another $750 discount. That's particularly inviting for EcoBoost shoppers, as it was already the subject of a $1,500 discount.

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All combined, the EcoBoost discount equals $3,250 and applied to the base model, the price-of-entry in the Mustang world becomes just $23,420. Step up to an EcoBoost Premium and the discount rises to $3,500 – not including the 61-day $750 incentive. Total those figures and that delivers the $4,250 maximum discount uncovered by Cars Direct, and it also drops the upgraded four-pot to just over $27,000. If you can only have a Mustang with a V8, however, the GT is available with a $2,750 rebate, which totals $3,500 when coupled with the 61-day inventory bonus. Nothing shows up for the GT350 or GT500.

Why all the incentives now? These deals run through November 13, and it’s possible Ford could have something even greater planned for the Black Friday holiday rush. Still, these deals are considerably better than those offered last year, and we have no doubt the Mustang’s plunging sales figures are on the minds of Blue Oval executives. The recent figures through September 2019 show Mustang sales down 12.3 percent compared to the same period last year. Camaro sales are even worse, but the decade-old Dodge Challenger posted a sales gain of 21 percent, outselling Mustang in the third quarter though it still trails in yearly sales.

Can the 2020 Shelby GT500 fill its halo-car role by bringing more Mustang buyers into showrooms? Only time will tell.

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