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Audi doesn't offer an S4 Avant in the United States, Tyler from Pacific German in California now has one after a significant investment of time and money. He didn't simply import one from Europe and figure out a way to federalize it. Instead, Tyler bought a new S4 sedan and an A4 Allroad. He then undertook the laborious process of swapping all the parts from the performance model and onto the wagon. Then, some extra tuning created an even meaner machine.

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Without even considering the labor or additional modifications, the purchase price just for base examples of these two cars approaches $100,000. From there, Pacific German has to strip them down, including removing the entire wiring harness, and then start exchanging the pieces. 

One of the bigger challenges was making the car road-legal in California. Despite both separate models being acceptable to the state's regulations, the V6 engine swap into the wagon required a hassle for the officials to allow.

In addition, Pacific German adds an Abt power upgrade to the turbocharged 3.0-liter V6, and the gases routes out of an exhaust with a high-flow catalytic converter. The setup gives the car a raspy sound that burbles when the driver gets off the throttle or shifts.

This wagon also dumps the A4 Allroad's high-riding suspension for a set of coilovers that makes the body hunker down over the wheels. While the decision is understandable, it would be interesting to see this same idea but with a rally-inspired setup using the original, taller ride height.

If you watch this video and want to put the S4 wagon in your garage, then there's good news because Tyler is selling it. He doesn't disclose the price in this video, though.

Also, if you're shopping for a high-performance Audi wagon, then the Four Rings is bringing the new RS6 Avant to the United States. American pricing isn't available yet, but the cost in Germany is €117,500.

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