Taking damaged cars and returning them to their showroom-like luster is a booming business. Fender benders, freak accidents, and other everyday maladies can take a pristine automobile and turn it into an ugly duckling in a matter of seconds. However, it takes much longer to fix a vehicle than it does to damage it, which is evident in the video above where a charred and burnt Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat gets a second chance at life. 

The video title says the Hellcat was restored “In MINUTES,” but we know any restoration takes time, and this one was no different. While the video is under 15 minutes, it actually took nine months of hard work to take the destroyed Challenger from the scrap heat to the open road. It’s quite a remarkable restoration considering how much damage the Challenger suffered. Wheels were melted, the interior was ash, and something had collapsed on top of it. In reality, it looked like a better candidate for the crusher than the paint booth. 

But the video shows that hard work can turn even the nastiest of wrecked cars into a breathing, burbling automobile. The first task was cleaning and stripping the car, removing damaged parts, burnt debris, and other casualties from the fire. Once cleaned, focus shifted to fixing the body and frame. You can watch as the Challenger goes from a burnt hunk of metal to a stripped frame before slowly being put back together again. The video concludes with a test drive and a shoutout to everyone who helped with the insane restoration. 

It does seem a bit crazy to take such a damaged vehicle and restore it, but this is an excellent reminder that hard work can have some amazing results. Having the right knowledge and access to the proper tools certainly helps when tackling such a difficult project. 

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