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This year’s Tokyo Motor Show offered some great and exciting premieres, including the new Honda Jazz/Fit, the Subaru Levorg prototype, and the Mitsubishi Super Height K-Wagon. Toyota was also at the show presenting its new production electric vehicle ahead of its market launch next year. That was not the only debut from the company as it also displayed a rather interesting concept. Meet the Toyota E-Racer, the automaker’s sci-fi fantasy race car.

Gallery: Toyota e-Racer

“Experience the virtual fitting function that creates a racing suit just for you.”

While it may seem more like a traditional sports car in the meaning that it has four wheels and a steering wheel, the idea is very different. Through specialized digital glasses, the E-Racer can take you to any race track in the world and any race from the history of motorsport. Toyota promises you can enjoy “a real-life experience of a racing course” and “customize seating” to fit your body shape.” And, no – you can’t actually drive that vehicle. Bummer.

Visually, the concept is unlike anything else from Toyota. It takes the shape of a small single-seat, open-top sports car with a similar shape for the headlights and taillights. The light units at all four corners have a distinctive C-shaped frame and at the front, an illuminated logo is positioned at the center of the fascia.

“If we look at shared forms of mobility, such as the e-Palette, as if they were horse carriages, forms of mobility owned by individuals, like the E-Racer, would be ‘beloved horses.’ I would say that this means that our future society of mobility will be a society in which horse carriages and ‘beloved horses’ co-exist,” Toyota’s president Akio Toyoda explained during the presentation of the study.

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