You should get some extra equipment, though.

We’re on the cusp of seeing Volkswagen’s new eighth-generation Golf, but in the United States the much-loved GTI isn’t ready to slip quietly into the night. In fact, VW is reportedly bumping the price on the hot hatchback by $1,025 for 2020, though it does appear the extra price comes with extra equipment.

According to Cars Direct, an early copy of VW’s 2020 order guide shows the entry-level GTI S starting at $29,515. That figure includes destination, and all total, it’s $1,025 more than the same model from 2019. Further investigation points to two increases – a $1,000 hike in base price and $25 more for destination.

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Apparently, the order guide doesn’t spell out specific changes for 2020 that account for the increase. A deeper look, however, suggests the 2020 GTI will gain automatic emergency braking and blind-spot monitoring as standard-issue gear. A further look at the order guide shows SE models also increase, but at $425 for the manual and $125 for the DSG gearbox, the bump is considerably less. For that matter, opting for the DSG is less in 2020, listing as an $800 upgrade versus $1,100 in 2019.

As for the future, a new Golf is about to debut and it will eventually bring a new GTI with it. Spy photos and teasers point to the hatchback having a familiar look, but only the GTI and Golf R will be offered in the United States. It seems the standard Golf is the victim of the compact crossover craze, and honestly, we can’t say we blame VW for the decision. According to recent sales figures through September 2019, the Golf is down 18 percent compared to last year. Furthermore, VW sells over twice as many GTIs, and that expands to three times more when the Golf R is included.