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New teaser images and a video reveal that the Toyota Supra 3000GT Concept ahead of the model's debut at the 2019 SEMA Show on November 5. The company isn't releasing any details about the model at this time, but the pictures are enough to get excited about.

Gallery: Toyota Supra 3000GT Concept

The shots reveal the vehicle's hood has cutouts with vents behind them. There's also a massive rear wing over the back.

It's not clear at this time whether TRD intends to put these parts into production, but the prospect seems likely. TRD already introduced a body kit for the Supra and sold the parts in Japan.

Toyota's teaser video indicates that the new model takes inspiration from the 1994 Toyota Supra TRD3000GT concept (see gallery below). The model took inspiration from the racing version at the time by wearing a vented hood, wider fenders, and a big wing.

Gallery: 1994 Toyota Supra 3000GT

There are no details yet about any powertrain tweaks for the new Supra 3000GT. SEMA seems like a great opportunity for the company to unveil performance parts for the coupe, instead of just aesthetic tweaks. Third-party tuners are already able to push the BMW-sourced engine to 1,000 horsepower (746 kilowatts) with an extensive overhaul or 527 hp (393 kW) at the wheels with less extensive modifications.


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TRD's 3000GT won't be the only Supra at SEMA this year. Artisan Spirits will unveil a body kit for the coupe that will make the body subtly more aggressive. Evasive Motorsports will also be there with a kit that'll give the car a far meaner appearance.

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