A new set of pizzazz for the funky crossover.

The Toyota C-HR has just gotten an update this month for MY 2020, but aftermarket gurus have started taking their take on the new-and-improved compact crossover. Modellista, which launched a two-set aero body kit package a few years ago, didn't waste time and updated its portfolio to go with the revamped C-HR.

Still dubbed as Boost Impulse and Elegant Ice, the Japanese tuner releases a new set on its website and boy, we can't say we're not impressed on how imaginative the kits are. If there's one word we could use to describe Modellista's kits, it would be polarizing.

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The Boost Impulse set still showcases its effect on the yellow C-HR, still looking like a Bumble Bee if Toyota would be the brand choice of the Autobots. The out-of-this-world kits are primarily seen on the front spoiler, side skirt, front grille garnish, fender garnish, and 19-inch aluminum wheels. Buyers who would opt for this package have the option to go with the rear skirt or the more elaborate rear styling kit, while back door spoiler differs depending on the C-HR variant. Perpetually on LED lights also crown the kits, particularly the front spoiler and mirror cover.

As for the more subdued Elegant Ice package, Modellista employed a tamer and a more elegant approach in designing the body kits for the C-HR. The kits are mostly just chrome paint and black garnishes on the front spoiler, side skirt, side door garnish, mirror garnish, door handle garnish, and exhaust tips. As with the Boost Impulse, buyers have the option to choose the rear skirt or rear styling kit.

While both packages can be bought through two set options, buyers also have the choice to buy the kits separately.

If Modellista's body kits aren't your cup of tea, Toyota Gazoo Racing has its own take on the updated C-HR. The GR kits are more subtle, mind you, but that's fine as the C-HR is already a head-turner on its own.

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