Where do we begin with this video? We were going to get all poetic with some kind of eloquent introduction about cinematography, obscure Russian cars, and heroes embarking on a journey of self-discovery. Yes, you’ll find all of that in this 11-minute car clip, but there’s a surreal vibe working in the background not unlike something you’d find in a Stanley Kubrick film, or perhaps Donnie Darko if Kubrick had directed it. Whoops, looks like we got a little poetic.

In any case, this isn’t just another video of cars being driven on the ragged edge. For starters, it hails from Russia and it opens with a young man heading to the woods for a picnic in a, um, car of some sort. Suffice to say it’s not an inspiring machine, what with the hand-crank starter and literally no body. Perhaps that’s done on purpose, so as to ease the pain of seeing an A70 Toyota Supra looking well and truly beat to hell.

Russian Gymkhana

It sure doesn’t run like it looks, however, and let us take a brief moment to say the A70 does not get the love it deserves. Everyone wants an A80, but this 1980’s icon established the Supra’s larger-than-life foundation and we’re stoked to see it perpetually sideways in this gymkhana clip. Speaking of, this video isn’t so much about gymkhana as it is a master class of stage rally in the deep forest. At least, that’s what they want you to think.

Just when you get comfortable watching a thrashed Supra rallying through the woods, a strange yellow car appears. Folks, that’s an early 1970s-ZAZ 968 and no, it’s decidedly not stock. Here’s where we start to see some legit gymkhana action, and then it gets weird again when the driver exits the Supra – while it’s still spinning donuts – gets in the ZAZ, and drives away.

But wait, there’s more.

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Predictably, we then see the lifted ZAZ zipping through the woods rally-style until it comes to a lake. Suddenly the small tires become massive tractor pontoons, and the ZAZ goes full amphibian. We didn’t see that coming, but then again, neither did we expect the driver to climb onto the roof. In the middle of the lake. With a keyboard. And start jamming. We know Kubrick didn’t direct this clip, but honestly, he could be reaching out from beyond the grave on this.

In this line of work, we watch a lot of videos. This one is a legit breath of fresh air among crazy car clips and it’s the perfect way to kick off the weekend, so sit back and enjoy.

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