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After experimenting with a modernized Ferrari Daytona and a resto-modded C2 Corvette Stingray – not to mention an updated version of the Lamborghini Countach, TheSketchMonkey on YouTube is taking a crack at something more mainstream. There’s an all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee in the works, and the popular SUV is in target for this latest 15-minute makeover.

We’ll get the obvious bit out of the way first. This take on a new Jeep really amounts to a minor facelift. Our sources tell us the next Grand Cherokee will actually be an all-new offering, and spy photos clearly show something radically different beneath heavy camouflage tarps. Beyond that, the SUV is expected to gain a third row, and that means the Grand Cherokee will get a bit bigger on pretty much every front.

Gallery: 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Rendering Sketch Monkey

The interpretation here doesn’t alter the greenhouse or the wheelbase, but it does add a considerably sharper face. TheSketchMonkey also incorporates an extremely popular trend among automakers these days by giving the SUV a larger grille. It’s still the iconic seven-vent design, but it dips a bit further into the completely redesigned lower fascia. The bonkers Grand Cherokee Trackhawk offered some inspiration to the design as well, hence the blacked-out treatment and the wheels. On-road performance is also reflected in the slick roof without any racks, and though it’s quite subtle, the SUV’s primary body line along the side is raised just a bit.

SketchMonkey Jeep Grand Cherokee Rendering
SketchMonkey Jeep Grand Cherokee Rendering

The end-result is certainly a chiseled SUV that might make a good facelift, but we know much more is in store for the Grand Cherokee’s future. It’s expected to ride on a completely new platform sourced from Alfa Romeo, one that should support a range of powertrain options including hybrid and full electrification. That’s not to say internal combustion will disappear – in fact, we suspect the V8 will endure as the Jeep’s range-topping mill.

As for when it will arrive, best estimates right now point to a late-2020 debut for the 2021 model year.

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