Ford is enjoying a good sales start for the all-new 2020 Explorer. The SUV is already headed to showrooms and customers, and we’ve stumbled upon what could be the first totaled example of the vehicle. It’s currently on sale by Copart, the online platform for vehicle auction and remarketing services, where it is listed as an “upcoming lot,” which basically means it is not assigned to an exact auction date yet.

Nevertheless, it’s an interesting offering considering the starting price of a brand new Explorer Limited is $48,130, or $46,130 if you hurry up and catch Ford’s current rebates for the model. This one will obviously go for way less but is it worth it? Let’s see if it’s usable at all.

Gallery: Crashed 2020 Ford Explorer for sale

Well, even by just looking at the photos, we can say this vehicle has zero chances of hitting the road again. You don’t have to be a car guru to see the entire body is twisted, the engine and gearbox are heavily damaged, and even the massive dashboard is displaced. Logically, most (if not all) airbags are deployed and we bet there’s significant damage to the suspension as well.

Still, there are plenty of parts that can be used for the restoration of another less crashed 2020 Explorer. The rear seats, the central console, the door cards, and the carpets, for example, seem to be in a good shape, and we suspect some engine and suspension components are reusable, too. Also, interestingly, all four wheels look fine and could probably be installed on an Explorer in need.

As a final note, this Explorer Platinum has a 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine under the hood, or at least what’s left of it. Power goes only to the rear wheels.

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