Who doesn’t love a good burnout? Usually, we see American muscle roasting the hides, but the bonkers Mercedes-AMG E63 S does have something of a muscle car reputation. In stock trim its 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 generates 603 horsepower (450 kilowatts), which is certainly more than enough to create a proper smoke show. Beyond that, the crazy AMG is just a tail-happy monster that begs for a daily smoke, and that’s in a stock E63 S.

This particular AMG isn’t stock. In fact, it’s been breathed upon by Renntech and produces no less than 810 hp (604 kW), and we suspect the owner of this rubber-eating machine loves to feed it daily. The Gumbal YouTube channel happened to be at the recent Bimmerworld 2019 event and filmed this Merc in action, and yes, the irony of a Mercedes getting attention at a BMW event isn’t lost on us. Given the epic smoke show that occurred in such a short amount of time, we suspect even the BMW fans were impressed.

Gallery: Mercedes-AMG E63S Massive Burnout

Actually, the burnout opens with a dud. Following a dramatic countdown, the healthy V8 blips to life then immediately idles back down with barely a single revolution to the rear tires. Apparently the driver was a tad nervous and forgot to turn off the traction control, but with the electronic nanny out of the way, whoa Nellie does this super sedan roar to life. It sounds like the transmission actually gets into fifth gear, which would put tire speed well over 100 mph. The car disappears into its own tire smoke almost instantly, and in just 15 seconds – yes, 15 freaking seconds – the driver senses something amiss and lifts off the gas.

A close-up shows the driver-side rear tire ripped to shreds with cords showing. The passenger-side tire at least didn’t have rubber strips missing from it, but it was well-and-truly bald. These are Michelins, and while we can’t see exactly which model they are, odds are good they’re a Pilot Sport derivative with a cost of around $400 per tire. So yeah, this 15-second exhibition of smoke likely cost $800.

Money well spent, as far as we’re concerned.

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