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Lumma Design, a German based tuner, has been known for coming up with a myriad of performance and body kits for SUVs and crossovers from all around the world. Their latest project is focused on the largest BMW X vehicle to date, the X7.

If you think you couldn't grab as much attention in an imposing X7, Lumma Design may have just the solution for you. From versatile seven-seater to an aggressively styled large SUV, the Lumma Design X7 would be exactly what would happen if the car was featured and tuned at the mercy of Need For Speed fans. 

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That's not necessarily a bad thing though, as the idea of taking an otherwise stately and comfortable all-around family car and turning into a slammed powerhouse that pops and bangs on every rev is somewhat enticing. Featuring an additional 50mm of width on either side, larger front splitters and vents, a rear roof spoiler and numerous additional aerodynamic tweaks, the Lumma Design CLR X7 certainly looks wide and mean. Next, you have 23-inch aluminum wheels designed by Lumma, plus staggered front and rear tire widths at 295mm and 355mm respectively. A new exhaust is also fitted, and they come in four 100mm stainless steel pipes, which will provide the soundtrack for a tune that will give the X7 M50i approximately 680 horsepower together with a lifted top speed limiter. 

The interior gets more of a personal approach, with specialists able to adapt to the needs and wishes of the buyer. From motorsport focused cockpits to a luxurious interior filled with custom materials, the CLR X7 will be highly customizable while still offering the latest in technology and craftsmanship. There's no definite date on an actual example to be shown off just yet, but we're still pretty interested to see how it turns out. At least it'll take away, or will it add, to that massive front grille? 







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