BMW Drag Races Three M3s on Ice For Science

Why is it important to have the right tire for the right conditions? Well, the fine folks at BMW created a video that highlights exactly what it looks like when you have the right tire for conditions and when you have the wrong tire. 

Tires usually fall into three main categories summer, winter, and all season. All season tires are not particularly good at one thing which means you can use them all year round but you’re never really getting your car’s optimal performance. Summer tires are catered to the performance driving and feature compounds catered to warmer temperatures and a tread pattern focused on the grip in dry conditions. Winter tires, on the other hand, are focused on digging for traction in slick conditions with a compound engineered to perform in cooler temperatures.

Gallery: BMW Shows Summer And Winter Tire Differences With Drag Races

Summer and winter tires are focused on the best possible performance in specific conditions so when they are removed from their element, the performance shortcomings are shocking. In BMW’s testing, you can see just how much performance a winter tire gives up to function in cold snowy conditions. The deep grooves and broken up tread patterns are great for digging through deep snow but on a slalom course or drag race, the lack of grip means you’re not allowing your car to perform at it’s best. 

Summer tires are fantastic for unlocking your car’s performance potential on the pavement but once the snow starts falling they quickly become dangerous. Driving on summer tires in the winter is the difference between making it home safely and ending up stuck or even worse.

BMW’s film shows you exactly why the type of tire on your car matters. Tires are certainly not the most exciting part of a car but they are one of the most important when it comes to performance and safety. 

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