In the world of customizing and aftermarket tuning, literally no type of wheeled vehicle is left untouched. From winning awards, to outdoing yourself with another fantastic build, to trivial things such as bragging rights, the lengths that customizers and tuning shops do knows no bounds. The truck scene also has its share of extremely tricked out examples, and this 2000 Kenworth W900 L has been given a complete makeover. The cool thing about the W900 L is that it retains the classic lines and the needle nose look, ditching the stubbier design that you can find on some single cab 18-wheelers today. 

Gallery: It Took $180,000 To Modify This Wild 750-Horsepower Truck

In a video by Ridiculous Rides found on the Barcroft Cars YouTube channel, this stunning truck is considered to be the most customized truck in the world. Known as Project TOC, the Mendez family, owner of Texas Chrome, built this truck with the goal of showing off that they are the team to beat when it comes to building custom trucks. They've poured about $180,000 over the span of one and a half years into this truck, and that time, effort, and money is evident in the extremely intricate paintwork and custom engine modifications. 

With 750 horsepower under the long hood, this project truck features a filigree design that was all done by hand over the span of several weeks. It's actually a combination of eight colors of paint, with the design also reaching the exhaust stacks and the chrome-dipped, polished, and engraved aluminum wheels. They also have a new grille, together with unique LED lighting all around, creating a cohesive look. The interior features an original dashboard, but has a ton of new switches installed, plus chrome materials and a huge stick shift. You can also play your tunes through a 38-speaker sound system. 

Right now, the truck has won multiple awards at truck shows around the country, taking "best of show", "best interior", and "best in paint". Their next project is in the works and is called Project 29, and will feature a more classic needle-nosed truck with more modern touches, and it also promises to be their biggest project yet. 

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