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Okay friends, it’s time for another retro redesign from TheSketchMonkey on YouTube and there’s no easy way to step into this feature. On the digital canvas for this round is the Ferrari Daytona, and frankly, we have mad respect for anyone who event attempts to give this timeless ride a modern makeover. No matter how good such a project turns out, there will definitely be motoring enthusiasts – especially Ferrari fans – who will lose their collective minds at anyone messing with the Daytona’s lines. So for simply making the effort, we say bravo to TheSketchMonkey. You have our respect, and probably our condolences as well.

Actually, this is the first Ferrari to be featured on the channel, save for a take on the Purosangue though that’s technically not a real Ferrari just yet. It’s important to note that this exercise isn’t intended to make the Daytona better, as we’ll be the first to admit that’s pretty much impossible. Rather, this is a reimagining of a modern Daytona, and it’s certainly interesting to watch the design take shape.


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As always, the video starts with a basic explanation of what will happen, and we’re promised right off the bat that the Daytona’s lines will be preserved. That includes the iconic orange corner lenses, or rather, the interesting shape they bring to the front of the car. Sadly, the actual lenses don’t make the final cut, but it’s amazing how the 612 Scaglietti-inspired front clip captures the Daytona’s essense just from having the same angle as the lenses at the corners.

Ferrari Daytona Modern Redesign
Ferrari Daytona Modern Redesign

Being a modern interpretation, all the chrome is erased and a larger set of Ferrari five-spoke wheels fill the fenders. The greenhouse isn’t altered at all, but the wider front fascia required a subtle stretch at the rear to maintain symmetry. The ultra-thin LED headlights replace the pop-ups, and it certainly can’t be a modern Ferrari without vents.

Honestly, we don’t know how we feel about this one. The recent C2 Corvette and Lamborghini Countach redesigns were amazing, and this car isn’t ugly by any means. The contrast of the “smiling” 612 fascia with the frowning corner-lens-inspired vents feels a bit awkward. Or, it could be that we’re so in love with the original Daytona, we simply long to see the original car.

What’s your take on this Daytona makeover? Let us know in the comments.

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