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Along with the Lamborghini Countach, the Ferrari Testarossa was one of the iconic supercar shapes of the 1980s. Featuring a 4.9-liter flat-12 engine thumping behind the driver, a five-speed manual gearbox with a gated shifter, and eye-catching styling with cheese-grater-like strakes forming the rear fenders, the Prancing Horse had plenty of attributes to appeal to wealthy buyers. Early examples even looked especially interesting with a single side mirror on a long stalk (see below). A set of fitted luggage was also among the luxurious amenities for drivers who wanted absolutely all of the available options. The Testarossa owner behind the Normal Guy Supercar YouTube channel has these custom bags in nearly new condition.

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High-quality Italian leather covers each part of the six-piece set of bags. A few of these are still in amazing condition, including protective paper still on the inside. There's some flaking, but it's nothing that minor maintenance wouldn't solve.

For security, most of the bags have keys to lock them shut, and a larger piece has a combination lock. It's impressive attention to detail but seems pointless because any serious thief would just pick one up and walk away.

Fitting the pieces looks like an easy process. Six bags fit inside the front luggage compartment. The other two go on the shelf behind the seats. For a two-person vehicle, this baggage should be plenty for a weekend trip.

Having the complete luggage set to match the Testarossa can only help if this owner ever decides to sell his Testarossa. Most folks would never actually use these bags for their intended purpose, but they're a cool accessory to show off.

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