She's a cut above the rest.

Are you surprised to see this? Come on, you shouldn’t be surprised. We all know lawnmower racing is a thing. For crying out loud, Honda even built a record-setting riding mower that goes 150 freaking miles per hour. We should know, because we actually drove that scary thing. Not to 150 mph though. We’re crazy, not suicidal.

The lawnmower featured in this story is far more comfortable for the rider – both figuratively and literally – at considerably slower speeds. Scaling back from 150 to 1.50 mph might sound boring, but with 15-year-old Judy Hostetler at the controls on a very narrow, technical course, we find ourselves simultaneously awestruck, confused, and yes, quite envious of her skill.


This very unorthodox autocross took place a few weeks back at the headquarters for Walker Mowers near Denver, Colorado. As you can probably surmise, Walker Mowers is in the lawnmower business, and the company holds a factory day in September where people can tour the facility and see new products. During the event, there’s apparently a special Walker family competition that includes throwing a zero-turn mower though an obstacle course barely wider than the mower itself.

We don’t have specific information on the zero-turn mower Ms. Hostetler so thoroughly piloted through the narrow course, but she completed the challenge in 39 seconds. Apparently, that was fast enough for a Walker Mowers record. Or was it?


Jumping back a bit further on the Walker Mowers Facebook page, we see a fellow by the name of Glenn Miller actually took the championship for the event, with a time of just 32 seconds.

Honda might have an advantage on speed – okay, complete domination on speed – but we suspect these crazy-skilled Walker Mower drivers could literally run rings around the competition.

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