Fender benders happen all the time – minor car accidents that cause more inconveniences than injuries. They're often a product of distracted driving, too, but this is 2019, and Twitter and smartphones are things that exist in the world. So, a minor fender bender in Utah shouldn't be national news. However, a simple two-car fender bender last week turned into Three's Company, and there's video.

This all started as a simple accident between a Mini Cooper and Chevy Cruze. According to St. George News, the Mini driver was distracted by a passing motorcycle when the Cruze driver had to slam on her brakes to avoid a collision with the white truck in front of her that had also slammed on its brakes. The impact was strong enough to deploy the Mini's airbags. Thankfully, no injuries were reported. 

However, once police arrived and issued a citation to the Mini driver for following too closely, the Chevy Cruze driver left the scene. But there was just one problem. The accident occurred on a road with an incline. Once the Cruze took off, the Mini Cooper started to roll – the Mini driver failed to put the vehicle in park. In the video, the owners attempt to stop the rollaway Mini while the officer tries to move his Dodge Charger, but the Mini slams into the back of the police cruiser. The second collision happens just before the video ends. 

The news report didn't state if the Mini driver received another citation for the second collision with the police car. There's no mention in the news story of the Mini hitting the police car at all, actually. Car accidents, even minor ones, are stressful situations for people, and for good reason – tickets, fines, insurance fees, and repair damage are costly. However, it's vital that after a car accident, the driver secures the vehicle before leaving it unattended. It could have prevented the second accident. 

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