Opel is going into model year 2008 with a lot of innovations and presents its fresh product portfolio at the IAA in Frankfurt

Debut at Frankfurt

Opel takes the opportunity to introduce their 2008 model ranger at the 62nd Frankfurt Motor Show. Most notable news is the Opel Vectra OPC with automatic transmission and the new Opel Corsa GSi.

Where the OPC version of the current Vectra receives an automatic transmission, the regular version (together with the Signum) receives various upgrades, like Electronic Climate Control (ECC), cruise control and a whole bunch of interior extras.

The Opel Corsa GSi sits between the Sport and the OPC versions, and comes with a 150hp engine and has 210km/h stated as its top speed. It comes with 17-inch wheels and a sport suspension amongst others.

The Opel Antara is to receive a new entry-level diesel engine (2.0 liter CDTI) with 127 hp, which sits just below the current customer favorite.

More details in the attached press release.


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