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A two-second teaser video and a succinct two-sentence press release is all we’re getting from Lexus at this point in regards to the company’s upcoming electric concept. Toyota’s luxury division says the new zero-emissions showcar is a window into the company’s electric and autonomous future, so not only will the vehicle lack a combustion engine, but it also might not have a steering wheel.

It is believed the electric concept will take after the LF-SA from 2015, therefore we’re expecting a small hatchback developed mainly for city use. Pictured below, the old concept is said to go through some changes to bring it closer to what a production model would look like. That being said, we’re getting the feeling the new concept will still have an exaggerated futuristic design judging by this sole teaser image.

Gallery: 2015 Lexus LF-SA concept

Originally announced back in July, the unnamed electric concept will allegedly feature a newly developed infotainment system with dual screens and is going to use a revamped version of the spindle grille. Chances are the EV rides on the new e-TNGA platform that Lexus’ parent company Toyota is developing, with the ultimate goal to have 10 electric cars from both brands on sale by the middle of the next decade.

The new architecture is being engineered to cater to both front- and rear-wheel-drive vehicles with motors up front and at the back, respectively. There are also going to be AWD dual-motor models, and the battery pack will be installed underneath the floor to lower the center of gravity. Lexus is researching into in-wheel electric motors, but it’ll be a while before we’ll see them on a production-ready EV.


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Meanwhile, the new electric concept will be unveiled at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show scheduled to kick off October 23 with the first press day and end on November 4 with the last public day.

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The Future is Electrified

Tokyo, Japan, October 10, 2019―Lexus will premiere its BEV concept at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show from October 23 through November 4 2019.

Leveraging continued advances in technologies such as electrification and autonomous driving, the electrified concept offers a glimpse into Lexus' future vision, which caters to consumers who are equally passionate about driving and uniquely crafted luxury experiences.

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