What better to replace the 6.0-litre V8, rear-drive Aussie performance icon with than an all-new Antipodean muscle car. A car, in fact, just like the VXR8 a car even more powerful and exciting than the Monaro.

Thunder from Down Under

The king is dead, long live the King! According to many, the Monaro left us way too early, but what better to replace a RWD V8 sports car with an even more powerful version. And this one comes with four doors, space for the family and as you would expect, track-day genes. The name of the new king? Vauxhall VXR8, and is based on the Australian Holden VE HSV Clubsport R8. The new VXR8 is powered by the 6.0i LS2, which is based on the engine that brought victories to the Monaro in the Australian V8 Supercar Series and the Corvette at the 24 hours of Le Mans. The VXR8 delivers 417hp (307Kw) at 6,000rpm, coupled with 550Nm (405 lb ft) of torque at 4,400rpm and will put you at 60mph in about 4.9 seconds. All this muscle is available at £35,000 (UK). For the first time on a Vauxhall VXR performance car there will be an automatic version made available. For everyday use, the VXR8 comes with an array of safety and driver's aid features, but for a day at the track the ESP can be switched off so you can really push the limits.

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