Is this even a thing? Yes, it definitely is.

Before we get too deep on this very specific C8 Corvette article, we must offer a warning. The following content describes what some might call first world problems, especially those of us who adore roofless motoring whenever – and wherever – possible. As such, having convenient lockable storage for the interior is an absolute must on a convertible or any car with a removable roof. Frankly, not having that feature can lead to an illogically infuriating meltdown among nit-picky drivers, because we'll be dammed if we're going to put the top up on our show-off machine just to make sure our driving gloves aren’t nicked at Starbucks. Wow, it suddenly got a little personal there.

That being said, the Corvette hasn’t had this kind of convenient lockable storage for the last couple of generations, and that’s just dumb since the 'Vette was offered both as a dedicated convertible and with a lift-out roof. Thankfully, Chevrolet reversed course on that for the C8, which gets a trick center console with an electronic lock. According to GM Authority, the lock is actuated remotely through the Corvette’s digital display.

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It sounds swell, but hopefully there’s a backup in case the car’s electrics are non-op for some reason. Imagine coming back to your Corvette Convertible after a day at the beach to find your battery has, for some reason, failed. Nothing a quick call to road service can’t fix, but wait, your phone is securely locked in the center console that can only be unlocked electronically. That could be a rough end to a great day, but still, it’s not as bad as nixing a simple oil dipstick tube for a sensor that requires the engine to be running to determine oil level.

Now that the 2020 Corvette Convertible is revealed, we’re left waiting for the next trim level to grace us with its presence. As we’ve come to familiarize ourselves with even the tiniest details of the all-new supercar, we’re looking forward to seeing just how high Chevrolet can go in raising the bang-for-buck performance bar.

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