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Drag racing and vans go together like peanut butter and pickles. But just as some people actually like a good old-fashioned PB and P sandwich, so too do some folks enjoy drag racing full-size vans. The latter individuals, then, will be glad to see our colleagues at Motor1 Turkey took a trio of such vehicles to the track for a classic drag race. 

Armed with a Mercedes-Benz Vito, a Peugeot Expert Traveller, and a Ford Tourneo Custom, the Motor1 Turkey team went to the local airport – err, race track – to see which of these three big boxes is the fastest in a straight line, as well as coming to a halt. 

Spoiler alert: the Mercedes comes out on top. Whether it’s racing from a standstill, with a rolling start, or coming to a complete stop, the Vito takes top marks all around. Given the Benz’s 190-horsepower turbodiesel engine betters the 170- and 180-hp units of the Ford and Peugeot, the Vito’s success in accelerating from a stop really isn’t too much of a surprise.

Of course, these are full-size vans after all, and not one of these bulky boxes is particularly quick in the first place. But if you’ve ever wondered whether a Mercedes-Benz Vito is quicker than a Peugeot Expert Traveller, or a Peugeot Expert Traveller stops more quickly than a Ford Tourneo Custom, then you are in luck, because the team at Motor1 Turkey has provided you with an answer. Now go on out and treat yourself to a peanut butter and pickle sandwich.

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