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The Jeep Gladiator (in the Rubicon spec especially) is an impressive off-roader out of the box. So it's no surprise that one shop has fitted the mid-size truck with the proper equipment for overland duty. Adventure Trailers of Prescott, Arizona, calls their kit the Summit Habitat camper – and as its name suggests, this is more than just a tent in a truck bed.

The shop built the 350-pound camper top out of .60-inch-thick, CNC-formed aluminum. Its walls are a one-inch honeycomb reinforced composite, which not only improves insulation but durability as well. That allows the Summit shell to support up to 600 pounds (272 kilograms) on its roof (with the optional crossbars) – everything from kayaks to camping gear. The Summit also has the longest cab overhang of any wedge camper on the market, room to fit two persons comfortably.

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The tent itself is tough, too. The durable, weather-tight enclosure features fire retardant and UV resistant material, with three mosquito screens and clear vinyl windows. Paired with the Gladiator's standard equipment – things like 12-volt plugs, multiple USB outlets, and an optional Bluetooth speaker – as well as a max 1,600-pound (725-kilogram) hauling abilities, and this camper is more than capable.

Adventure Trailers hand builds each top at its shop in Arizona. Construction takes about eight weeks, and the end cost to the consumer is $9,100. Compared to other pop-top tents, that's reasonable. But the Jeep Gladiator on which it's based, naturally, isn't as cheap.

The base Gladiator Sport starts at $33,545, and the trailer tow package is an extra $250 on top of that. But if you want a fully loaded, more-capable Rubicon model it will set you back $43,545 at a minimum. With all options, a fully loaded Gladiator Rubicon costs just north of $64,000.

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