Bose has never stuffed that many speakers inside a two-seater car.

Chevrolet and Bose teamed up for the first time back in 1984 for the Corvette C4 and have been working together ever since to make the in-car sound experience more enjoyable for audiophiles. The Massachusetts-based company has developed a wide array of sound systems tailored to GM products, including the CT6’s impressive Bose Panaray with a whopping 36 speakers stuffed inside the cabin.

Bose’s latest product has been specifically engineered for the mid-engined Chevy where the audio specialist has managed to squeeze in a total of 14 speakers for what the company describes as being its loudest and clearest system installed in a two-seater. Chevy Dude over on YouTube decided to shoot a video with all 14 speakers crammed inside the new ‘Vette and show the speakers on the door cards that are not immediately noticeable.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 audio system by Bose
2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 audio system by Bose

Available as an option on the 2LT and 3LT trim levels, the newly developed sound system tailored to the eighth-generation Corvette has a wide-range speaker and a tweeter in each door where Bose has also integrated a 10-inch woofer for extra bass. The upper corners of the dashboard hold two more speakers and there’s another one in the center, thus bringing the total to nine. To enable a 360-degree experience, Bose has also added a pair of speakers in the B-pillars and a final speaker between the seats, at the headrest level.

Those “hidden” speakers mentioned by Chevy Dude are actually the aforementioned woofers that have eschewed the conventional bass box configuration due to the lack of space inside the relatively tight C8. Instead, they use the door’s architecture as a large bass enclosure and come with a padded surface replacing the traditional setup with a speaker grille over the woofer you’ll find in most cars.

A step up from the Corvette’s standard 10-speaker sound system, the Bose Performance Series system will perform double duties in the C8 as the speakers will also be used to channel artificially enhanced engine noise through the cabin. In an e-mail to, Chevy explained the reasoning behind using this controversial technique: “Nothing coming out of the speakers would sound like an engine on its own. We rely on the engine for all of the audio content, but given the passby requirements and the multiple cavities between the exhaust tips and the driver, some frequencies are lost and need to be supplemented.”

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