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As you all know by now, we love toys, especially Lego sets, as we believe that love for cars starts at a very young age. I, for one, started to build my own car by the age of eight, from random Lego pieces that are nowhere looking near the real thing. But I was happy with my work because that's how priceless a child's imagination is.

It's a different story nowadays, however. Those who would like to build a car using a Lego set can buy pre-fabricated sets with pieces exacting to what's printed outside the box. Year after year, these Lego sets come closer to the real thing, which is a good thing. Heck, some cars have even been leaked through their Lego sets (looking at you, Land Rover Defender). 

Gallery: Lego Speed Champions Jaguar I-Pace & Formula E Race Car

With that said, Lego has announced the newest addition to its Speed Champions series – the Lego Speed Champions Formula E Panasonic Jaguar Racing GEN2 Car & Jaguar I-Pace eTROPHY. The set features Jaguar’s latest innovation in electric vehicle technology in partnership with the Panasonic Jaguar Racing team, The Brothers Brick reported.

Apart from having the award-winning Jaguar I-Pace in this twin Lego Speed Champions pack, the set will also have something new in terms of design. For this one, Lego Speed Champions will have its first-ever 8-stud wide design. Of note, all Speed Champions sets come with a 6-stud design, which makes the toy look a bit narrow than the real thing.

On top of that, a 6x12 modified plate will be made available to allow adjustment in size. With this, two minifigures can fit in front of the car (on the Jaguar I-Pace), which in turn brings us closer to the real thing. Other elements added are 3×2 wedge plates and 6-stud wide windscreen.

The Lego Speed Champions Formula E Panasonic Jaguar Racing GEN2 Car & Jaguar I-PAceCE eTROPHY (set 76898) will be available starting January 1, 2019. Piece count and pricing are yet to be announced by Lego.

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