The maximum discount awaits those who currently own a GM vehicle.

Chevrolet is pushing to sell more Tahoe units this month and when we say more, we mean more. A huge $9,276 discount awaits those who will be buying the SUV through cash transactions. However, as all discounts go, the massive price cut does come with conditions.

According to the Chevy website, the discount is offered to 2019 MY Tahoe Premier units. The Tahoe Premier starts at $66,995 for the variant equipped with a 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 engine with 6-speed automatic transmission, while the one with the bigger 6.2L power plant and 10-speed automatic starts at $72,520.

With the $9,276, the 355-horsepower (265-kiloWatt) Tahoe Premier can now be had for $57,719 while the 420-horsepower (313-kiloWatt) version gets a new price tag of $63,244.

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It's important to note that the discount comprises three things: $4,276 price cut below MSRP, $3,000 cash allowance, and $2,000 owner loyalty cash discount. This means only current owners of GM vehicles will be able to maximize the price cut. It's noted, however, that non-GM vehicle owners will be able to enjoy up to $7,276 cash discount, only forfeiting the loyalty incentive.

For those who will buy their cars through financing, Chevrolet also offers a zero percent APR for 72 months, applicable only when financing through GM Financial.

A similar deal is also on offer for a 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe with the Premier Plus Special Edition package. According to GM Authority, those who will opt for this version will get up to $7,500 discount from $3,000 customer cash and $4,500 package cash allowances. Only those who would accept delivery by October 31, 2019 are qualified for these promotions.

Of note, the next-generation Chevy Tahoe is on its way, probably coming out next year. Reports have mentioned that the new Tahoe will get a revamped rear suspension, particularly multi-link suspensions for better ride and handling, as well as more passenger and cargo room behind the second row.

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