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The M1078 serves in the United States military to haul troops and supplies anywhere they need to go. The one in this video now has a new role as one of the most impressive overlander builds imaginable. The cabin looks utilitarian and has the rugged appearance that you'd expect from a military truck. However, stepping in the rear reveals a bright living space that wouldn't look out of place in a decorating magazine pictorial. To make things even more impressive, the entire build's cost was $37,000, which included acquiring the M1078.

The interior of the living area has the style of a cozy cabin. There are light wood floors with an LED light accent and lots of white finishes, which creates a clean, modern appearance. During the day, the bed hides near the ceiling, but a crank brings it down to a usable level at night. There's a full bathroom, including a spacious shower, which is impressive in comparison to the often tiny restrooms that we see in motorhomes.

For a vehicle that can go so far off the grid, it's important for this truck to provide livable conditions for as long as possible. Solar cells on the roof charge lithium-ion batteries, and they provide days worth of electricity to power the air conditioning and heating.

The M1078 packs a Caterpillar-supplied diesel engine and uses a full-time four-wheel-drive system. As the owner describes it, this makes for a slow truck but a fast house.

The couple that owns this truck quit their jobs and poured everything they had into the truck. Now, they spend their time on the road. It looks like a good way to live.

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