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The next BMW M3 is coming, and the performance world is eager to see what kind of incredible performance the storied moniker can conjure up. We already know it will offer either 480 or 510 horsepower, or at least, that’s what BMW M boss Markus Flasch said it will have. He allegedly dropped these figures to Car magazine earlier this year, but the video featured above has us thinking it could be more. Considerably more.

The clip comes from IND Distribution on YouTube, and it shows a BMW X3 M Competition making a dyno pull. It’s just over a minute long, and as far as dyno videos go, it’s pretty standard. The jaw-dropping moment comes at the end, with this muscle SUV produces no less than 491 horsepower to the wheels. Mind you, BMW officially rates the X3 M Competition at 503 hp, and that rating is taken at the crankshaft. You don’t need to be a stellar mathematician to understand that, unless the Bimmer’s all-wheel-drive powertrain does an amazing job at stemming parasitic power loss, this mill produces way more than 503 ponies.

BMW X3 M Competition Dyno
BMW X3 M Competition Dyno

IND Distribution actually did some number crunching for us in a blog post about the experience. Accounting for a 10-percent drivetrain loss, the twin-turbo six in this X3 M actually develops 542 hp. Mind you, 10 percent is a conservative estimate for what the transmission and driveline soak up, so power could actually be higher still. And lest you think this particular X3 M is a media wringer – this is an independently owned and tested SUV.

How does this relate to the M3? This same upgraded version of the B58 inline-six it expected to power the super sedan. If the dyno figures prove similar to what we see here, it should be an insane rocketship when it finally debuts next year.

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