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Travel trailers come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and price ranges. They can be small, compact offerings for two or large homes on wheels with enough beds for the entire McCallister family. You often tow them behind a pickup truck or SUV, but TrailManor flips that script a bit with a unique and innovative pop-up trailer design. Pop-up trailers often feature canvas walls and a single slide-out bed, but TrailManor is different. The TrailManor travel trailer expands like a pop-up trailer; however, it retains a fully enclosed, hard-sided structure.

The unique design allows the trailer to do a lot. For one, it can fold into a compact size and fit in certain-sized garages. The shortest offering measures 20 feet in length when closed. The compact closed design also keeps it from hitting the ceiling of any storage facility or garage. TrailManor’s longest model measures 24 feet in length when closed. It’s also easy to open. Heavy components like the trailer’s roof, separated into two sections, feature counterweights to make opening the trailer easier. Once the tops are deployed, the beds then slide out and lock into place. 

There is some assembly required inside to finish setting up the trailer. The bathroom needs to be assembled while the vanity needs to be moved into place. Once those tasks are complete, the final step is to seal the trailer’s top and bottom sections. TrailManor offers trailers in three sizes, each with three different layouts: two beds, a bed and a larger dinette set, or a bed and a large sofa.

Everything about TrailManor’s travel trailers is about making them easy to use. The compact and lightweight construction makes it easy to tow behind a variety of vehicles, including crossovers and smaller pickups. TrailManor says you should be able to set up one of its travel trailers in about two minutes. Easy, right? It also comes with all your expected amenities such as a shower, stove, three-way fridge, and, in some models, a bathtub. 

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