Chevy Dude on YouTube has been pushing out quite a few resourceful Corvette videos as-of late. This latest clip is admittedly a bit of inside baseball for diehard ‘Vette fans, but with the way the C8 has captivated pretty much the entire motoring world, we thought this clip might be of interest. That’s especially true for all you auto trivia buffs out there, because if you memorize some of the info mentioned here, you’re pretty much guaranteed to stump everyone else at the table.

Why is that? Jump forward to around the seven-minute mark and you’ll learn about some seriously intricate details, like the C8’s jack points for raising it up on a lift which, incidentally, are much farther apart compared to the C7. You’ll be fascinated to know the ‘Vette’s approach angle is 9.8 degrees, and while we don’t expect anyone to embrace some C8 off-roading anytime soon, that is a useful thing for owners to know when encountering driveways. Similarly, the Corvette has 5.3 inches of clearance up front, which increases to over 7 inches with the front-end lift system available on 2LT and 3LT models.

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And did you know the passenger side mirror is slightly longer than the driver mirror? Actually, you did know that because we covered it back in August. But Chevy Dude further explains that because of it, the C8 Corvette is 84.6 inches wide from mirror-to-mirror. Similarly, the driver’s seat has an extra inch of travel and 9 more degrees of recline, so as to better accommodate larger ‘Vette drivers.


There’s additional info such as optimum camber adjustments for track antics, total downforce at 180 (yes, 180) mph, and the minor weight savings afforded from the carbon fiber roof panel, among other things. We have the video above set to start with all the details so if you’re absolutely C8 obsessed, it can make you the absolute boss of obscure Corvette knowledge.

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