We’ve featured all kinds of campers, recreational vehicles, overlanders, and even station wagons configured to provide a home-away-from-home for folks seeking an adventure. Some of those vehicles are built by dedicated manufacturers, but we’re consistently amazed at the skill and creativity of individuals who build their own vanlife machine. This one-off Mercedes Sprinter is the latest project to drop our jaw, and though it’s called the Humble B 01, there’s nothing humble about it.

The build comes from Humble Road, a YouTuber who embraced vanlife after a long, successful career in photography. Apparently he also has considerable skill in automotive design, at least when it comes to campers. This Mercedes Sprinter started life as an empty van over a year and a half ago, and as the video above (and screenshots below) shows, it’s a properly epic creation.

The tour begins up front where we see an iPad mounted where you might otherwise find an infotainment screen, or at the very least, a stereo system. In fact, the iPad handles all of the above and even has an OBD connection that can monitor the Sprinter’s mechanical systems. Moving further back we see a futon mounted on a sliding frame, serving as a double bed when folded down. The cabinets above look typical, but they are spring actuated and will never lose tension because the spring goes rigid when the lid is fully open.

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The flat-screen TV is on a swivel mount that can also be fixed to the wall, and across from that is the Sprinter’s electrical command station, in full view for people to appreciate. As for power, solar panels on the roof generate 480 watts of electricity, which the video says is enough to power the camper through the day without drawing anything from the battery.

We suspect people might better appreciate the expansive kitchen area that includes a large sink, big refrigerator, and lots of counter space. Perhaps the coolest feature of this home-built van, however, is the massive full-size shower at the rear that features a custom stainless-steel tower. If you prefer an outdoor shower, there’s a second set of pipes at the very back. And yes, there’s a toilet as well – it’s mounted on a slider and stows beneath the sink. When nature calls, it sits in the shower bay where curtains can be drawn for privacy.

The attention-to-detail is what really sets this van apart from others. There’s clearly an engineering mind at work here, as everything from magnet mounts in the cabinets to the specific angle for the backsplash on the counter (six degrees, in case you’re wondering) is pointed out. We’re fabulously impressed, and admittedly, a bit jealous of the person who bought this van after its build. Another humble project is reportedly in the works, and we can't wait to see it when it's done.


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