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The Jeep Gladiator is still a rare sight on the road because the pickup is so new. However, its mechanical similarities to the Wrangler mean that aftermarket firms already have a vast supply of heavy-duty parts for tweaking the truck into a more capable off-roader. The overhauled Gladiator in this video is one of the most extreme examples of what's possible when tuning this rig.

The team behind this Gladiator give it everything the machine would need to do serious off-roading. A revised suspension now consists of coilovers with bypass shocks for soaking up some big bumps. A mechanical power steering pump replaces the stock electric motor, and it's significantly bigger than the standard part. Dana 60 axles with electric lockers should be able to put the power down on any terrain. The powertrain remains the same, except for a new driveshaft.

All of these mods allow for fitting 40-inch Nitto off-road tires over a set of bronze-colored wheels with beadlocks. Despite all of the changes, the rubber doesn't quite fit in front, and the builders have to trim off a bit of the bodywork. 

Capping off the project, the modifications to the body include rock sliders, a front-mounted Warn winch, and a shortened rear bumper. There are now racks above the roof and cargo bed. The latter will eventually get a tent, which will make this machine a mean overlander. 

If you're a Gladiator owner, or potential customer, and want to see the significant extent of this work, then check out the videos below. They show off the work necessary to install such a major suspension and axle overhaul.

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