Charles Morgan has apparently been replaced as Morgan's managing director, but he still contends he has control over the company.

On the same day that Henrik Fisker announced he was leaving his company because of "several major disagreements" with executive management, Autocar reported Charles Morgan was tossed out as Morgan's managing director following a move by share holders and the board of directors.

The company put a positive spin on things by saying the decision was amicable and not a result of any problems with his performance as managing director.  They also noted "Charles Morgan will concentrate on his vital role as the face of Morgan internationally, promoting the brand and selling the company's products worldwide."

That seemed like the end of things until Charles Morgan decided to 'clarify' things on Twitter.  In a series of tweets, Morgan said he was still in charge of the company and his replacement - Steve Morris - will just be a "day to day MD (managing director)". Morgan added that he still controls the future direction of the company and isn't "stepping down, aside or going anywhere!"