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Just like with most of the car models on the market, some products in the RV sector are also getting new versions when a new model year is approaching. Case in point, nuCamp’s TAB 320 teardrop trailer has been revised for the 2020 model year and a video on YouTube details some of the modifications done to the single-axle trailer.

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There are no major changes to the layout of the cabin but this doesn’t mean there is nothing to write about home. First of all, once you get inside the TAB 320 trailer, you’ll definitely notice the new, darker shade of the materials used inside, including the matching flooring. There’s also a new lightweight foldable table, as well as an upgraded audio system.

2020 TAB 320 trailer
2020 TAB 320 trailer

There’s one major improvement in terms of packaging. The air conditioner is now located underneath the passenger side seating storage, which basically means the air vents are now going to be down by your feet instead of up high. Yes, you lose a little storage under the seat but you gain it where the AC unit used to be.

“You won’t believe what we can pack inside the TAB Teardrop Camper. It feels like you’re taking a bit of home with you. There is plenty of room to stand inside with a stylish seating area. The kitchen is equipped with a sink, stove, and fridge. Choose from a wet bath or a wardrobe. The TAB has everything you need to enjoy your travels,” nuCamp explains.

There’s also a new door, which now features a storage space and a trash compartment. Another huge improvement is the new fridge, as well as the completely new wet bath with a cassette toilet. On the outside, there’s an upgraded handle that’s much sturdier and a lightweight aluminum step. A total of five exterior colors are available for the updated TAB trailer.

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