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With more and more 2020 Toyota Supras leaving Magna Steyr’s factory in Graz, Austria and heading to their rightful customers, the Internet and especially YouTube is where an increasing number of A90 owners are showing off their prized possessions. YouTube star Shmee recently added a fifth-gen Supra to his otherwise supercar-heavy garage, and it didn’t take long for him to head to Germany and put the sports coupe through its paces on the Autobahn.

Having covered the run-in period, Tim Burton pushed the BMW Z4 M40i’s sister model to its limits on an unrestricted section of the glorious highway, and after several attempts, he eventually managed to trigger the electronic top speed limiter. After finding an empty stretch of the road ahead, the speedy two-seater got up to 263 km/h (163 mph) according to the car’s digital instrument cluster. As you all know, speedometers are not entirely accurate as they usually show a velocity slightly higher than the real one, which is why Shmee used a GPS-based smartphone app to get a more accurate reading of the vehicle’s speed.

When the top speed limiter kicked in, the Supra’s actual speed was 259 km/h (161 mph). Interestingly, that’s actually slightly above the official 250 km/h (155 mph) quoted by Toyota, but we’re not that surprised considering it’s a similar story with the engine’s output as various dyno tests have revealed the turbocharged inline-six packs way more punch than what the official specs sheet says.

Mind you, this is only technically the base Supra (well, there’s a four-cylinder variant in Japan) taking into account Toyota has promised there are going to be updates to the A90 on a yearly basis. What that likely means is more powerful and faster versions are in the pipeline for those who are not completely satisfied with the standard model and are willing to pay the premium.

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