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Anyone with a smartphone can sell just about anything online. Craigslist is packed with people selling cars with duplicate posts, incorrect or misleading information, and low-resolution photos. Finding quality ads and cars is difficult in a sea of mediocrity, which means it’s also challenging for those top-tier cars and owners to find buyers. If you’re selling a ho-hum automobile, then the struggle is downright cruel. You have to stand out because “2006 Dodge Grand Caravan” isn’t a top search term anywhere. So you do what the guy above did and create a dramatic and comedic ad to upload to YouTube. 

Right from the start the ad is teasing and tempting the viewer into believing a svelte Lamborghini would be the star, but just as the garage door opens to reveals the Lamborghini’s rear, a silver and drab 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan pulls into the frame. The dramatic music crescendos as the Dodge rockets past the camera in a series of cliche action shots. Fake engine noises not from the Grand Caravan swell and pop and gurgle. It’s over the top.

Near the end, a disclaimer appears in fine print at the bottom with the car’s details. In late September the Caravan had a total of 287,843 kilometers (178,857 miles) on the odometer. It’s been in “Only like three accidents.” The front and rear bumper and the hood have been replaced, but “You wouldn’t even be able to tell the parts have been replaced,” the disclaimer reads. Oh, and there’s a small steering fluid leak, but it’s “not bad at all.” 

The ad ends with a dramatic Grand Caravan flying by and the price appearing in big, bold letters – “STARTING AT $15,000.” It’s a cute, creative ad, that’s entertaining enough to keep the attention of most people until the end. It’s short runtime, and a delectable layer of cheese help keep eyes glued until the very end. You may not be looking for a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan, but someone out there is, and an ad like this can help a buyer find a seller and vice versa. It’s magical. 

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