New Proton Peekaboo

Unveiling a peep at a time

The lastest Proton is being readied for its unveiling on August 15th. After releasing a teaser image mid July to spark interest, an avalanche of requests have come in for more information on the newest Proton. The Malaysian company decided to put four cars in huge perforated boxes around the country, so that the Malaysian public can take a sneek-peek for themselves.

Since the 'soft' launch interest has been high and orders have been coming in steadily, even though the official name of the car is not yet known. The new Proton comes in 5 versions, a Base Line manual and automatic, Medium Line manual and automatic and a High Line automatic, all with a 1.6 liter engine with prices ranging from 45,000 RM (just under 9,500 Euro) to 55,000 RM (approx. 11,500 Euro).

“The new sedan is Proton's pride and holds promise to be Malaysia’s joy”, added Syed Zainal, Manging Director at Proton.

Gallery: New Proton Peekaboo

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