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As we mentioned in our truck comparison test last week, the Jeep Gladiator is a truly off-road capable truck. No surprise here, after all, it’s based on the Wrangler, quite possibly the best off-road vehicle available today, save maybe the Mercedes-Benz G550 and the upcoming Land Rover Defender. After watching the video above, you’ll probably leave this space convinced that the Gladiator is also quite durable.

TFLoffroad recently visited a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles test facility in Windsor, Canada, where it had the chance to film how the automaker designs and tests its new vehicles before their market launch. Among the test machines there, there was a massive robot that simulates 10 years’ worth of wear and tear or approximately 160,000 miles (about 257,500 kilometers). The whole process takes just four to six weeks with 24-hour cycles.

As Dan Pereria, project manager of road test simulator at the facility, explains, multiple inspections are done each and every single day during the testing process. At the end of the procedure, the team does a full wear and tear inspection with parts going to design engineers, who look for cracks in the construction and make a full analysis.

The 11-minute video also takes a look at how FCA designs its seats comparing the pressure distribution of different body types. It helps the engineers build a seat that’s comfortable for everyone. Knowing that the average American spends about 500 hours in his car per year, that’s definitely a very, very important task.


Another pretty interesting facility is the lighting research facility, where FCA develops and tests the headlights of its products. The tunnel was built “probably 25 years ago” and helps the automaker benchmark its technology against the competition.

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