A Buick CUV with performance?

According to reports, the upcoming Buick Enspire CUV will use a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that produces 237 horsepower mated to a 9-speed automatic transmission. This engine should make Buick’s new SUV a fairly fun CUV to drive.

The Buick Enspire uses the same platform as Caddilac’s XT4 luxury CUV so it would make sense for both vehicles to share the same powertrain. This relationship helps to substantiate the rumors surrounding the turbo 4-cylinder power plant.

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GM’s plan to build more SUVs across all its brands means that similarities, like using the same engine, will be fairly frequent. The turbo-4 in the XT4 is plenty of power to move around the CUV with some genuine pace. Sources within GM told GM Authority that the Buick Enspire should easily sprint from 0-60 in the 7-second range, a respectable number for a non-performance SUV. 

Those sources went on to further explain the base model Enspire will come with front-wheel-drive with All-wheel-drive as an optional package. This is a fairly normal practice as it gives customers more options to fit their budgets. 

Although the Enspire will share similar dimensions with the current Buick Envision CUV, the Enspire will be a more premium offering. Using the Enspire as a premium offering allows Buick to gain more customers while using the same platform. This helps keep down costs and allow for more meaningful use of development costs.

There is no information regarding a hybrid or electric version of the Enspire at this time, however, we expect to learn more as we near its reveal date in 2020. The Enspire is a critical model to grow Buick sales both in America and China so expect to see an aggressive marketing effort to grow the branding of this new model.

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