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While some people say that the perfect car for many miles and long journeys is one that's large enough to have many storage options, have all the latest infotainment options, and have excellent highway fuel economy, there are those who would rather cover as much distance as possible when behind the wheel. To cross states, countries, or continents, covering as many miles as possible in the highest speed (legally) possible will have you at your destination in less time. For enthusiasts, part of the journey is an extremely fast car, and what better vehicle to take you to your destination in record time than the Bugatti Chiron?

Bugatti Chiron Was Born To Devour Miles On The Autobahn

In the video above, YouTube star Mr JWW takes a trip to the Netherlands to visit Jerome, owner of Carlink International, a premium automobile import business that sits coincidently close to the border of Germany and its Autobahn. Jerome also happens to own some very expensive and very fast cars, and Mr JWW was given the option to choose any car from his garage and take it out for a drive. The Bugatti Chiron in the video is the personal car of Jerome, and he uses this 1,500 horsepower beast on a daily basis. In fact, the spec of the car is very personal, as every element of the interior can be modified to suit a buyer's taste. In this case, a camouflage pattern made by Andy Warhol was chosen to be the centerpiece of this green Chiron, creating a very unique car, indeed. 

Bugatti Chiron Was Born To Devour Miles On The Autobahn

Inside, the Chiron is immaculately constructed to the highest degree, with supple leather, aluminum materials, and minimalist design, allowing the driver to focus on the driving experience. While some cars may have two to three touchscreens, the Chiron only has a few knobs to control climate control, driving modes, and it even has an analog speedometer flanked by small multi-function displays that show only important information. 

More importantly, most cars that want to go extremely fast have to compromise in some areas, leading to them being uncomfortable for long periods of time due to ride stiffness or interior quirks. The Chiron is able to still be effortlessly fast and refined at the same time, making it one of the hypercars of choice for unrestricted portions of Germany's Autobahn. 

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